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Pension and Retirement Planning

Simon Hollin
We provide clear and professional pension advice to help you achieve the retirement objectives you deserveSimon Hollin
Our highly qualified pensions experts advise on all aspects of pension and retirement planning, whether it be funding a target income or designing how to best enjoy it when the times comes.

Many people have collected a variety of pensions throughout their working life, often with little understanding of what the plans will provide, whether they are invested sensibly or the level of risk they are taking. Our team will review your arrangements to assess if they are likely to meet your objectives and are appropriately invested, suggesting improvements where appropriate.

Recent years have seen many changes affecting pensions and the way they can be taken. New rules allow great planning opportunities to achieve a guaranteed retirement income, flexible draw-down or the passing on of pension assets to other family members and future generations. However, many pension arrangements cannot benefit from the new flexibilities making it essential for plans to be reviewed. There will be many cases where people simply die in the wrong pension!

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